For Researchers and Business Plan Developers

Are you interested in finding a professional position with a new innovative, entrepreneurial company ... what can the Collaboratory do for you?

The business development process requires a team of professionals to develop the business plan.  If you are interested in learning new skills or are already a trained professional, you may want to consider becoming a Certified Researcher or Business Plan Developer.  After you receive your certification from one of our Certification can hire you, as an independent contractor, to work on business plan development. Our classes are free to take.  If you want to become certified and/or be hired by, then you can pay a fee and take an exam to become certified.

To protect all members of the Collaboratory, background checks are required. By paying with this link, will send this fee, your name and email address. They will send you a questionnaire. After you reply, will perform their search and send the report to both you and LLC never downloads or stores anyone’s background check report.  All reviews of background check reports are done online. Our background checks are done by, a Fair Credit Report Act compliant service. does not receive any income for background checks. have a very standardized fee schedule. For details please see Background Pricing Page.