Certification Courses

The i2Success Business Development Gauntlet is a 10-Step process to build a business venture from Idea to Success. Each step in the process is a defined and packaged service. needs certified professionals to perform these services for our clients. Our courses and information are free to for anyone to review and use. Review a course. If you wish to receive the certification and be able to accept assignments from, then take the exam and go through the hiring process. You'll be hired as an independent contractor and can work on your schedule.

i2Success Business Development Gauntlet Steps:

Step G1: Rough Evaluation

Step G2: Market Research

Step G3: Vision

Step G4: Build the Team

Step G5: Company Formation

Step G6: R&D and Manufacturing

Step G7: Proforma Financial Statements

Step G8: Develop Pitch

Step G9: Advertising Prep for Wefunder

Step G10: Launch Venture

Hiring process includes

A) Interview

B) Sign Independent Contractor Agreement

C) Sign Confidentiality Agreement

D) Background Check: will submit your name and email address to who will send you a questionnaire for a Basic level background check ($29.95). They will submit a link to the report to you and never downloads or stores background reports.

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