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The i2Success Certification Series is under construction.  The i2Success Patent & Product Market Research Certification is the sole class currently available.  Our courses and information are free to for anyone to review and use for your purposes.  If you’ve got the time and want to tackle this research on your own, the i2Success Patent & Product Market Research course will teach you how.  If you wish to receive the certification and be able to accept research assignments from us, then pay the small fee and take the exam.

The following is Lesson 1, Introduction to the i2Success Patent & Product Market Research Certification Course.

Lesson 1 – Read this Introduction

The first thing someone should do when they have an idea for a new product or service, before investing any money, time, effort or other resources to develop their idea, is to do a Patent Search and Product Market Search.  Upon completion of this course and exam, you will be certified to be hired to perform these services for others.


Lesson 2) Buy the latest version of the excellent book, Patent It Yourself, by David Pressman for $30.  Use discount code T1040 for $25% off.  Full price is $50.  The Nolo website has 20% discount which brings the price down to $40.  Using discount code T1040 will bring the price down to $30.  It’s a great book that you will be glad to have and well worth the cost.  https://store.nolo.com/products/patent-it-yourself-pat.html

Read Chapters 1-7.  This is the first 188 pages (28%) of the book.  This will give you the basic understanding of patents so you’ll understand what to look for and how to create your search terms.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Patents and Other Intellectual Property

Chapter 2 The Science and Magic of Chapter Inventing

Chapter 3 Documentation and the PPA

Chapter 4 Will Your Invention Sell?

Chapter 5 Is It Patentable?

Chapter 6 Search and You May Find

Chapter 7 What Should I Do Next?  Pay special attention to Figure 7A-Invention Decision Chart

Lesson 3) Read i2Success Patent Search and Product Market Search Certification Course Instructions PDF - 18 pages

Take exams which consists of

Lesson 4) 20 question quiz

Lesson 5) Get test invention from instructor

     Develop search terms

     Perform short search 

Lesson 6) Perform Short Product Market Search

Lesson 7) Write a Summary of Findings and Opinion of Viability for patent and product market search

Lesson 8) Upload to the shared drive link:

● Patent Search PDFs

● Summary of Findings and Opinion of Viability for Patent Search in PDF and Word

● Product Market Search, Summary of Findings and Opinion of Viability for Product Market

search in PDF and Word

With completion of these requirements, you will receive your i2Success Patent and Product Market Researcher Certification.  To be able to register as an i2Success.biz Certified Effective Patent and Product Market Researcher and receive projects to research from I2S.biz, you must also:

A) Review and sign the Independent Contractor and Work-For-Hire Agreement

B) Review and sign the Confidentiality Agreement

C) Background Check: I2S.biz will submit your name and email address to AGoodEmployee.com who will send you a questionnaire for a Basic level background check ($29.95).  They will submit the report to you and I2S.biz.

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