For Companies and Corporations

There are several ways Collaboratory can benefit Corporations:

Innovation R&D

Do you have a potential new product and service that you want researched and developed without taking any focus or personnel away from your core business ?  Follow the steps to protect your idea and then submit your project to us.

Secret R&D

Do you want to do some R&D on a wild project that is outside of your box and has the potential to create some bad PR ?  Do you want your idea developed but remain insulated from any potential blow-back ?  Have do your R&D far away from intrusive eyes.

Purchase Orders

Corporations require the use of Purchase Orders for services like research studies or clinical trials.  It seems like Colleges and Universities don't understand the PO language.  If you've ever been involved with this process, you understand the problem. can act as an intermediary between the school and the corporation for a smooth process.  With a smooth process available, just think of the additional projects that can be obtained.

Innovate-A-Thon can produce brainstorming sessions with your staff or university teams for corporate R&D.