i2S.biz is Collaboratory

An Enhanced Business Incubator Comprising A Community of People Collaborating

i2S.biz Collaboratory is a business incubator that can start from the earliest stages of just your idea and assist in coordinating the resources and people to launch a viable venture.  Hover over the title on the spoke of the wheel for a brief description, click on the title for more information or to start the process.  Many of our services are free, such as using our Resource Database to find Service Providers or other Resources.  i2S.biz can also provide a smooth process for corporations to collaborate with colleges and universities using Purchase Orders or other joint ventures.

As an example, if, you're an Innovator and have an idea for a business or service.  Our Researchers can perform a Patent and Product Market Search, prepare your Patent Application, write your business plan, assign an Entrepreneur to launch your business using funding from our Investors, services from our database of Service Providers and the work force from our employment system.  This concerted effort is coordinated as a Collaboratory where Innovators, Researchers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Service Providers and Job Seekers all sign into the system to do their individual parts.

i2S.biz Venture Worksheets

More Resources to Come

 i2S Collaborative is working on creating a vast catalog of resources for innovators and entrepreneurs alike. These will include online seminars, workshops, webinars, articles, and other resources. 

Example: "How to Talk Business for Scientists and Engineers"; "Hosting an InnovateAthon"; "Online Interactive InnovateAthon" ... and more!

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